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Our goal has always been simple—to provide families in Burke County with exceptional memorials at a fair price. Since 1963, we've done exactly that. At American Marble and Granite, we are here to serve you, whether your need is immediate or you've made the decision to plan for the future. 

Here in the Connelly Springs community, we're known for our proven ability to create timeless tributes. Granite, marble, mausoleums, grave markers, monuments, foot markers, and headstones, American Marble and Granite's custom creations are as unique as the loved ones they’re meant to honor. It is an honor to do so. We welcome any questions you might have and look forward to serving you.  

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At American Marble and Granite, the peace and comfort of your family is a point of pride for us. Contact us to learn how we can help you find a marble or granite piece that fits your specific needs. 

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