Custom Made Monuments In Connellys Springs Nc

Custom Made Monuments In Connellys Springs Nc

Custom made monuments in Connellys Springs NC are the perfect way to remember your family. Every person is unique. Cherishing their memories is easier with cost-effective and carefully built headstones and monuments from American Granite and Marble.

What is a monument?

Monuments mark everything from emotion to the best in the deceased. They are elegantly crafted testimonials to the feelings of the bereaved and life of the dead.

These artistic pieces are larger than the standard headstone. Each is an artistic masterpiece, allowing you to capture life and beauty. Marking a gravesite ensure that your family history is not forgotten as your posterity or family members visit.

Are monuments more elegant than headstones?

Monuments are carefully designed statues. Every detail is carefully considered.

Off-the-shelf monuments tend to cover more classical and widely accepted portrayals of piece and grief. Angels, benches, and classical design are more common. A weeping, grieving or resting angel help bring your family member to heaven.

Customized monuments

Custom monuments allow you to fully embrace the memory of the deceased. When you are looking to fully cherish their memory, a well-made memorial embraces their essence. Whether your family member loved to sail or was landlocked, you mold a true testimonial to their being through a monument.

Embrace the life of a family member, the love you feel, or the untamed spirit with an artistic memorial to the past. Quotes, crosses, and other designs are welcome reminders of who someone truly was. A generic headstone is not always the most appropriate solution.

How much does a custom-made monument cost?

Customizability comes at a slightly larger cost. The inability to mass-produce a marker makes them somewhat more expensive than a standard monument or headstone.

The size of your masterpiece determines the price. Smaller garden memorials start in the hundreds of dollars with large statues costing in the tens of thousands. We work with the bereaved to produce a memorial that fits the sprit of the deceased without creating a financial burden.

Where can I pace a monument?

Cemeteries often have regulations regarding which materials, designs, and sizes are allowed. Large monuments display your grief but may also disturb others wanting to remember their own loved ones.

Make sure to check with your cemetery before purchasing a monument. We work with families to truly capture the essence of their loved ones.

Made to order custom made monuments in Connellys Springs NC

Remember the deceased is possible with custom monuments and headstones. Capture the essence of your family members with made to order monuments. Every part of their being is at your disposal.

Monuments are artistic remembrances of who a person truly was. Whether you are looking for the standard weeping angle or something more representative, we can help. With over fifty years in business, we helped many in Burke County create a respectful remembrance of their family.

If you are looking for a monument, we can help. Get in touch to receive an estimate or visit our website for more information.

Custom Made Monuments In Connellys Springs Nc
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