Grave Stone Foot Marker In Nc

Grave Stone Foot Marker In Nc

A gravestone foot marker in NC is a simple and cost-effective way to recognize loved ones. Whether you are looking to leave a small footprint or place a notification in a family plot or estate cemetery, our team can help. Our helpful team at American Marble and Granite can help you find the best way to memorialize your loved ones.

What is the benefit of a foot marker?

Footstones provide additional information and are placed at the foot of a grave. These markers allow families of military members to present more information than exists on the headstone provided by the government. A bronze plaque is normally preferred, but granite and stone options are more ornate.

A footstone typically contains the initials of the interred, allowing for easy identification. This can be helpful in family plots where multiple members are buried.

Can I customize a footstone?

A foot marker is already a customization but can contain almost anything that will fit. When a gravestone is provided, a family may want to include more than is given.

Our team creates ornate, elegant, and respectful footstones for any situation. Help capture the essence of the interred with a highly visible marker. Our footstones may be small, but they can help create a full representation of your loved one.

Marking loved ones in family plots

Family plots and commercial cemeteries became more popular in the last century. Visitors need a way to find graves in well-laid plots and amid clusters of graves.

Footstones were the perfect solution to spotting the deceased. It is common for family members to face a larger monument or central area with smaller plaques identifying each individual.

Coupling footstones with monuments

When you are looking to create a family plot, the footstone is complimented by a dedicated monument expressing the values of each family. Portray the spirit of your lineage, display a proud history, or express your faith with a statue containing the family name.

Our team helps you to customize every part of your plot. Marble and granite footstones and monuments allow you to pay respects as a family and individually. Mark your plot while decorating each footstone with a small quote or picture.

Do granite and marble footstones last?

Granite and marble last longer than other materials such as wood. Granite weathers decades with many footstones, headstones, and monuments coming with a 100-year guarantee.

These materials are also easier to carve and customize. This makes markers made from them more affordable as well as more decorative.

Gravestone foot marker in NC

American Marble and Granite has over fifty years of experience helping families pay their respects and capture their loved ones perfectly. Our team of experts strives to meet your needs without creating additional burdens in your period of mourning.

Our footstones are the perfect addition to a family plot or for a military member. If you are looking for a small yet elegant solution, get in contact with our team today.



Grave Stone Foot Marker In Nc
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