Private Family Mausoleums Nc

Private Family Mausoleums Nc

Private family mausoleums in NC are the perfect way to memorialize your past and honor your family. For over 50 years, American Granite Works produced some of the most touching and personalized headstones and mausoleums. We want to help you intern your loved ones with the respect they deserve.

What does a mausoleum provide?

A private mausoleum provides customizability and privacy for your loved ones. They are also excluded from estate tax.

The enclosed structures inter one or more deceased family members in a highly personalized space. These above-ground resting places take any form you desire, from simple to elaborate. Prices range from thousands to several hundreds of thousands of dollars but can handle multiple family members.

Are there benefits to using a mausoleum?

There are multiple benefits to using a crypt. When regulations permit, a multiple-person site is not just customizable but also less expensive. These structures come in many different shapes and sizes, presenting a message for the world to see.

Customized burial site

Your loved ones are important. They helped create memories. Cherishing their memory is easier when you can customize a gravesite.

Mausoleums are the perfect solution for your needs. We offer proven cost-effective design as well as personalized single and multi-family crypts. Dawn the deceased in elegance or capture their wild spirit. Whichever option you choose, we help you to build.

Design options for a mausoleum

Modern and classical architecture adorn our country’s cemeteries. From headstones to mausoleums, personalization allows you to choose the best marker for your family members.

Private options allow for more elaborate designs. You are not limited to the memory of an entire family. Estate structures can capture individual pieces of history. Help visitors with alcoves, shelves, decorative lighting, and benches.

Can I have a multi-person burial site?

Multi-person gravesites are often limited to nearby plots. Your ability to remain together in death is not always possible.

Mausoleums offer single and multiple person resting spaces. These elegant crypts keep your family together in death. This alleviates the burden of planning for the bereaved and is even a less costly solution.

Where can I place a mausoleum?

Mausoleums are large structures. Cemeteries tend to have specific rules governing where these structures are allowed. They may bar them altogether.

Make sure you understand where you can place a mausoleum. Certain materials may be required as well. Estate and private cemeteries often avoid these restrictions.

Where can I find private family mausoleums in NC?

Private mausoleums bring customizability to a gravesite. They send a message with elegant classical or modern design within the regulations and approval of your cemetery. Estate planners have the capability to directly choose every aspect of their design.

American Granite and Marble provide headstones, crypts, and mausoleums off the shelf and built to order. We want to help you truly remember the deceased as they were in life. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help capture the memory of your family members.

Private Family Mausoleums Nc
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